GOLDVISH (expected 2018)
Goldvish will be a feature length documentary about the curious story of Indian Vishwaraj Jadeja (1986). He leaves his beloved home to chase an unbelievable dream:  competing at the Winter Olympics 2018 as a long track speed skater. After many setbacks he and his coach are more then determined than ever and seemingly their friendship survives everything. 



These is a mid length sport historical documentary, broadcasted coming december.
Without being conscious of it, a group of speed skaters (teenagers) and their coaches are making world history in the mid '90's. Young and open-minded as they were, they believed in an invention that always had been ridiculed by the skating world. In this tribute to youthful courage and pig-headedness, we see the curious story of the "klapskate", told through unique amateur footage by the witnesses of that time.

Broadcasting december 2017.


MY SPECIAL HOME (documentary series)
In My Special Home we visit people who live in an extraordinary house, designed by themselves. Who lives in a house without windows? And why? And what about that young couple in their tiny house, trying to leave the smalles footprint as possible?

Broadcasted 2016



During the Tour Of Spain 2014, we got the opportunity to travel ten days along with the Vuelta. This item, hosted by Tomas Delsing, is made to show the beauty of the Vuelta, the most underexposed grand tour of the year.

This short documentary shows the 35.000 kilometers of a young film- and tv maker Roeland, who is slowly losing his brother from cancer.